Breaking the Cycle


Welcome to the Breaking the Cycle; Bullying it’s not a part of Scouting website.

Remember, bullying is not okay no matter what section of our movement you belong to. As Scouts we support one another, we learn, we are active and explore through educational activities. As we do these activities we enjoy the many friendships we make in the world wide movement that is scouting. Build up, don’t bully!

These pages provide each and every Scout member with information and activities to help combat issues around relationships and bullying. You will begin the journey with us in 2014 through Scouts in Action Month in August.

Scouts in Action in 2014 was conducted in the month of August. This month gave every Australian Scout time to complete anti-bullying activities and gain the Breaking the Cycle (BTC) badge. Over 27,000 Scouts and leaders participated in some anti-bullying activities.

You can contribute to the project by contacting

Getting ideas from our Australian Scout members has been a great way for the Breaking the Cycle team to connect with scouting families in Australia and overseas. As a Messengers of Peace project we are already sharing with scouts in other countries.

If you have a bullying issue you wish to report you can email or contract your State Branch office and ask to talk to a leader.