Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle Within The Badge & Award Scheme

Membership Qualification/Linking Badge

As part of initial membership requirements, talk to with your Scout Leader and Patrol Leader about the importance of caring for others and what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior at Scouts

  • Discuss what behaviour is expected of you and what you can expect of others.
  • With your Patrol Leader discuss how you would like to be treated at scouts and how you will treat others in your patrol and troop.
  • Discuss what you would do if you feel bullied at Scouts

Pioneer Citizenship

1. Watch the Bullying it’s not part of Scouting You Tube Video and have a discussion with your leaders and parents about why Scouts do not bully.

2. Using the Scout Video discuss:

  • What do you think is occurring?
  • How do you think the person/s is feeling?
  • Discuss what you would do if you were the person in the video
  • Who would you share this with?
  • How does this action fit with our Scout code?
  • How do you care for yourself and others?

3. Discuss with your PL/ APL your troop’s Scout Code and how the Code applies to you and contribute to annual review of Troop Code and sign

Explorer Citizenship

1. Discuss as a patrol or troop your current Troop Code

  • Contribute to Annual review of Troop Code and sign

2. Make a poster, video or skit on why people bully others,


1. Alone or in a group research the consequences of bullying and share your findings with the troop

Adventurer Citizenship

Lead a Night Program including:

1. Activity or Game that demonstrates elements of the Scout Law and why bullying is not part of Scouting.

2. Lead discussion on current Troop Code and contribute to the annual review of Troop Code and sign


3. Discuss with your Troop effective strategies to prevent bullying. You may use a presentation, group discussion or information night.

Scout Leadership Course 

Use the You Tube video and song to promote further understanding of the concepts of bullying and alternative actions.

Information for Scout Leaders and Patrol Leaders

  • Use the Scout Leader Booklet on the BTC web this has helpful information that will assist you;
  • Refer to the resource sheet on Breaking the Cycle web site for Scout Leaders indicating some of the areas that could be used when discussing bullying. Use the Restorative Practices process.
  • Terminology is important – a person is not a bully – they are using bullying behaviour (behaviours can be changed)
  • Talk to Patrol Leader and APL
  • Discuss issues at Troop Council
  • The SL should discuss the Troop Code and indicate what Scouts can do if they feel they are being bullied