Breaking the Cycle

Breaking the Cycle Within The Badge & Award Scheme


  • Discuss the Venturer Scout Code used by your Unit with members of your Unit.

Information for Venturer Leaders and Unit Chairs

  • Use the Venturer Leader Booklet on the BTC web this has helpful information that will assist you;
  • Terminology is important – a person is not a bully – they are using bullying behavior (behaviors can be changed)
  • The VL and Unit Chair should discuss the Unit Code and indicate what Venturers can do if they feel they are being bullied.
  • A Venturer is encouraged to Look Wide while developing relationships with others

Venturer Award within Citizenship

Do any 5 of the 8 activities. For example:

  1. Develop a case study where a young person is suspected of being bullied. Describe the situation and three possible solutions. Record it and discuss it with two other members of your Unit Council. You must link this to your Venturer Scout Code and also to relevant legislation.
  2. Within Venturer Award Level, Personal Growth- VAPG1 Ideals,
    • Add to activity 1 articipate in a detailed debate
    • Dealing with bullying and harassment and building resilience

Information for Venturer Leaders and Unit Chairs

  • Watch the Venturer Video on the Breaking the Cycle Web or on Scout You Tube.
  • Discuss the points which the video discusses.
  • Find fact sheet on restorative justice – do you need to find more out about restorative justice to use it in your unit?
  • Develop your Unit Code and display in your hall. Download the template in the Leader Booklet from the Breaking the Cycle website section Badge and Award Scheme this will assist you to complete this task
  • You will also find games and activities that will assist at